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Tim Cottle

Amen to that

Tim Cottle

The style of football is abysmal:like a totally alien sport when compared to watching the top 6 or 7 teams. Light years away from watching Champions League football. I am a fifty year old West Ham fan,have been to hundreds of matches,home,away and abroad, but can't bear to even watch them on tv any more,let alone waste half a day and £50 by going to Upton Park.
I would rather broaden my mind by reading, watching the arts or going to a museum and getting my footall fix from watching "proper" teams,especially German or Spanish. For the price of watching West Ham over a season I can travel to Europe and watch 6 or 7 different teams and feel happy that I am endorsing and supporting the way that German football ( the highest attended league in Europe) is run. The clubs are run by the people for the people.
The two Davids have proved to be as inept ( and greedily short term) as most British football club owners.They are not benefactors ( like Abramovich or the
Qataris), merely majority shareholders providing lucrative loans through third part vehicles. And as for all the talk by them about inherited debt blah blah they use the same PR firm as the coalition government with their incessant excuses about the "mess" that Labour left them??!! It is business talk, swallowed and regurgitated by gullible,ignorant mugs whose blind loyalty is abused and exploited.
No matter how much you love the club ( as I do) , by filling the stadium every week you just play into their hands!!! They are not fans like us, just business owners who pretend that they are.Boycott the games!!!! Read a book! Go to the theatre!! Watch park football!! Anything, until ownership of the club is with people like us who insist upon "football" being played the proper way,win or lose. It might be painful and require short term sacrifice, but the memories of Hurst,Moore,Peters,Bonds and Brooking deserve it.
This club,uniquely,won a World Cup,for god's sake! How the mighty have fallen.


Great piece and I agree. We needed to rebuild when we were relegated and in failing to appoint the right manager we lost the ability to rebuild. We struggled to get promoted with a fantastic squad for the division and although we had a comfortable return to the prem last season, it's always the second season that shows how far you have come as a club. I hope that we don't get relegated but if if that what it takes to get rid of Sam then so be it. We need a new direction and I as a fan would more than be happy to back a manager and board who restructure and rebuild to become a solid prem side in the next 3/4 seasons even if it means a couple of seasons in the championship. COYI

pauls call

Its all well and good that Karen Brady has been listed in the new years honours list but what good is that when we cant attract any descent players to play for us. Sam is way out of ideas and has done very little since his days at Bolton. We need a new direction once and for all or we're going to need Orient to help fill our new Stadium which we have no control over. What the hell is going on. As a life long West Ham fan I have come to the end of the road now, no-longer will I give up my days to watch them enter the pitch whilst leaving their hearts and desires at home...... Arghhh!!!!!!! Go away Sam!!!

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