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The tiniest Christmas troll squeaks. suppose this sarcasm is a sop to ignore the next place down.The drop trio. Fizzypop here you come through the jolly old trapdoor. Clang.


Yes. That's very bold to take the p*** from the position that West Ham are in, bearing in mind how much you all admire your own manager. Well done!


Sherwood's Premier league record this season is played 1, won 1. However that's far superior to that of a certain Sam Allardyce!! Played 17 in Premier league this season. Won 3, Drawn 5 and lost 9. If AVB got the sack having Won 8, Drawn 3 and lost 5 Premier league games this season then why is Allardyce still in his job?!

I should think Spurs are safe from relegation this year; not so West Ham!!


What's this I hear, a Championship club moving into the Olympic Village. Will fill the front four rows for sure.

A Davis

Tottenham fans will have the smile on there faces.when shit ham get relegated out of existence,trying to fill a big boy stadium in championship. Donuts,


Great appointment for the rest of the Prem. Tim who??


6 points off of top spot going into Christmas.. Terrible times for spurs ay!


Sherwood is a muppet! And he supports arsenal! We beat u twice at shite heart lane ha ha ha u plonkers.


True paddy, but Spurs have 30 points. West Ham have 14. Big difference. Still beating Spurs twice will be some kind of consolation if West Ham are relegated. I think you are the plonker, my friend.


Leave Spurs alone. They are a big mouth... er I mean club.

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